Piazza Caracciolo, Via Argenteria, Piazza Garraffello, Via Roma and surrounding streets
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Vucciria Market

Sicilians can spend hours discussing food, debating the sweetness of a tomato or the best way to fillet a sardine. So head to Palermo’s Vucciria market, the concentration of this most important ingredient of local life. Among the hollering stallholders and narrow souk-style alleyways, you’ll be buffeted between the sights and smells of seasonal produce: spicy peppers, writhing snails, blood oranges, salty sea urchins, prickly pear fruit and Etna walnuts. Be adventurous and try some street food like pani c’a meusa – calf spleen served in bread with grated cheese and lemon - gritty in texture, but it tastes better than it sounds.

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