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Veli Varos

Strolling through this neighbourhood is a deep dive into the traditional life of Split. Here in Veli Varos the fishermen, that work the seas of the Adriatic sea, still lives. This picturesque area, situated west, on the other side of the historic centre of Split, is the teller of many old stories. The streets are filled lovely stone houses, just like in the old days; many of them are from the seventeenth century. Get lost in its little street and enjoy the salty sea air. Visit the impressive St. Mikula church or enjoy the curious mixture of seamen and artists that can be found close to the beach. This neighbourhood is filled with details to be explored and together with Radunica they make up the oldest parts of the city. Try a good wine in one of its taverns and be transported to back to an era you might not want to return from. 

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