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  • Can I get a refund for my ticket?

    Volotea's refund policy is the following:

    As a general rule, the cost of the ticket and/or additional Volotea services are not refundable.

    Volotea will issue a refund only in the event that the flight is cancelled by the airline or in case of force majeure events, such as the death of the passenger.

    Additionally, the following situations are also considered force majeure events, as stated in the article 4.5 of the Conditions of Carriage:

    Surgical intervention: In the event that a direct family member who is a first or second degree relative should require an immovable surgical intervention on the date of your flight, the passenger can request a change of date for the flight. 

    Death: In the case of a passenger's death, his or her family members can request a refund for the ticket. In the event that the deceased person is a direct family member, the dates can also be changed at no additional cost. 

    In these situations, the name of the passenger can be changed, as well as the date, time or destination of the flight. Thus, you will not lose your money. Nevertheless, if there was a difference between the fare for the new flight assignment and that of the original, the corresponding amount should be paid.

    You have a maximum period of 12 months from the date of purchase of your tickets to make the new trips assigned.

    With respect to the cases mentioned above, the passenger or his or her family members (in the case that he or she were deceased), should notify Volotea of this situation before the flight departure by contacting our Customer Service.

    Only medical or death certificates will be accepted as proof of intervention or death, within a period of 10 working days counting from day when the event occurred. The acceptance of these documents depends on Volotea's assessment.

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