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  • What should I do if my baggage is lost?

    If your baggage is delayed or lost, at Volotea we will do everything possible to recover and return it as soon as possible.

    In order to initiate a search for your baggage, you should fill out a Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) at the Lost Found office at the airport of arrival, before leaving the restricted baggage collection area.

    There, a Volotea representative will collect information about your baggage and the contact details for entering them into the World Tracer automatic baggage locating system. Once the report has been filed, a reference number will be generated (composed of letters and numbers in the following format: ABCD123456), which should be kept for following up with the case. Please use this number when you speak to Volotea in reference to your case.

    We will contact you as soon as your baggage has been located and is ready to be recovered by you at the airport.

    Some of Volotea's airports do not have an automated service for generating the Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.). In these cases, it can be filled out manually from the Lost Found and they will see that it is sent to the corresponding department for creating the P.I.R. on our World Tracer server.

    First location
    The airport staff is responsible for locating any lost baggage within the first 5 days following your arrival. The staff should notify you of the telephone numbers for the lost baggage office at the airport.

    Second location If after 5 days your baggage still has not been located, Volotea's lost baggage department will be responsible for locating it and attempting to find it up to 21 days after its arrival.

    Declaration of definitively lost baggage

    If after 21 days after your arrival your baggage still has not been located, it will be declared to be "definitively lost". In this case, please make a formal claim, attaching the original property irregularity report and your contact information.

    Volotea will reimburse you up to € 30 per day, up to a maximum of 7 days (or € 210 maximum) in order to buy essential items until your baggage is recovered. In the event of the definitive loss of your baggage, the amount that has been paid out for essential items will be deducted from the corresponding compensation.


    For more info, please check our Conditions of Carriage by clicking here.


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