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  • What does special assistance involve?

    Passengers who require special assistance must notify us of these requirements at least 48 hours before their flight, to enable us to communicate with the airport authorities. This way, we are able to offer a quality service that guarantees all passengers the chance to enjoy air transport all over Europe, whatever their physical abilities. There are no additional charges for this service.

    There are limited places available for PRMs (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) in accordance with the relevant regulation, in order to ensure that all appropriate safety measures are in place for safe operations. Please make sure that you actually need special assistance and contact us if you have any queries. Other people who really need assistance may be unable to travel if this service is used inappropriately.

    Please contact our Customer Service Centre for information on our wheelchair transportation policy and the maximum dimensions permitted.

    You can request the following special services from the Special Assistance section:

    • Blind or visually-impaired passengers.
    • Deaf or hearing-impaired passengers
    • Wheelchairs for passengers unable to walk.
    • Wheelchairs for ramps.
    • Wheelchairs for stairs.

    During the check-in and boarding process, the passenger will be assisted and accompanied during the entire journey, from the check-in desk, through the security checks and boarding area, all the way to their seat on the plane. They will be assisted with their luggage and personal aids.

    On arrival, the passenger will be assisted with disembarkation and collecting their luggage. They will then be accompanied to the relevant meeting point at the airport.

    These services are subject to availability, which will be confirmed to you on submitting your request via the Special assistance section.

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