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  • When do I need a medical certificate to fly and what information should it contain?

    At Volotea, our aim is to get you to your destination hassle-free and for your flight to be as pleasant as possible. For this reason, if you have a medical condition or if you need special assistance on-board the flight, it is important that you inform us each time you fly.

    Some passengers need special medical support when they fly and, in some cases, this requires prior authorization from our competent department.

    It is therefore very important that passengers whose health conditions could be aggravated by the on-board conditions consult their doctor before flying and contact us in advance.

    You will need to present a medical certificate before you are allowed to fly in the following cases:

    • If you have a lung or breathing condition or you need oxygen during the flight. Your medical certificate must state how many litres of oxygen you need per minute.

    • If you have a serious heart condition.

    • If you are pregnant and have had complications during the pregnancy. Even if you have had no complications, you must carry a medical certificate from 28 weeks. We cannot allow you on board from 37 weeks.

    • If you or your child has a contagious disease, known (mumps, chicken pox, rubella, measles, etc.), or suspected (fever, persistent coughing, persistent diarrhea), you should not fly, unless specifically cleared by a doctor. Your medical certificate must state that you are no longer contagious.

    • If you have had surgery in the 8 days before the flight.

    • If you are carrying medical equipment as hand luggage. In this case, please inform us of its size and weight so that we can authorize it.

    • If you have an unstable medical condition or serious injury.

    • If you have been put in a plaster cast. Please note that you cannot travel for 48 hours after having a cast put on, unless it is an open one. You must carry a medical document stating the date it was put on.

    • If you have an ear infection.

    If any of the above applies to you, please consult your doctor before flying and send us the necessary medical documents in advance so that we can authorize you as fit to fly. Our customer service department must receive your medical certificate no less than 72 hours before the flight. It must be submitted via this form. If it is less than 48 hours before your flight, you will need to email your medical certificate to fittofly@volotea.com to get special authorization to fly.


    Your medical certificate must meet the following conditions:

    • It must be written in English or any of the following languages: French (flights departing from France), Italian (flights departing from Italy), Spanish (flights departing from Spain), Greek (flights departing from Greece), Portuguese (flights departing from Portugal), or German (flights departing from Germany).

    • It must be signed by a doctor and must indicate their license number.

    • It must state that the passenger is fit to fly and must state the date of the flight.

    • It must be issued less than 7 days before the flight departs.

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