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  • Coronavirus COVID-19 : All you need to know before preparing your next trip

    On this page you’ll find updates regarding the new measures implemented due to Covid-19 and the new policies you need to take into account before your flight with Volotea. Here are some of the most frequently Questions and Answers that could help you to prepare your next trip with us:




    How do I check in for my flight and get my boarding pass?

    Volotea strongly recommend all passengers to make web check-in on line via our web page or through our app to limit physical contact between passengers and our crew as much as possible. In this way you can have your e-boarding pass in your mobile phone, you do not need to print it and we will contribute to reduce the risk of hand contact. If you haven’t downloaded the Volotea App yet, we suggest to do it by following this link.

    To obtain your boarding pass through the check-in on line process you need to provide passengers contacts details that can be required by health authorities and all passengers need to fill up a health declaration form. Passengers travelling with pets or passengers who need special assistance at the airport have to provide the above information through our web check-in and they will collect the boarding pass for free at the airport. Passengers who have airport check-in included in their booking, need to provide the same information on line.

    Remember that if you have not selected any seats when booking your ticket and your departure date is more than 4 days away, you cannot check in online. You can purchase seats at any time, fill up the health declaration form and obtain your boarding passes.


    Do I need to wear a mask when travelling?

    All Volotea passengers will need to bring their own mask and wear it properly during all journey: before, during and after the flight. Please be sure to wear your mask at any time covering your nose and mouthAccording regulations in place, passengers have to wear surgical masks or any other mask with superior level of protection such FFP2, FFP3 without valve. Passengers without a proper mask and correctly placed will be denied boarding. We also recommend you bring a spare one (common medical masks should be replaced after around 4 hours of use).


    Do I need a medical certificate to show that I’m fit for travel?

    You are not required to show any medical certificate but a body temperature check will be carrying out once at airport. If there is a value higher than that established by the regulations (usually 37.5° C), you may be prohibited from departing or requested to provide a specific medical certificate. We recommend that you review the health requirements and necessary entry documents for the country you are travelling to. We also remind you that during on line check in process, as required by health authorities, all passengers need to fill up a health declaration form.


    How much time in advance should I arrive at the airport in order to have enough time to pass all the security and safety control?

    We recommend all our passengers to arrive as soon as possible at the airport, at least 2 hours before the flight departure. In this way you will ensure to have enough time to pass security filters, temperature scans and fill health questionnaires, if required. Don’t forget that additional measures to maintain the distance at the security checkpoint will be implemented. Also bear in mind that only passengers with a ticket/ boarding card can enter the terminal on their departing day. Exceptions are made for a person accompanying either traveling children or accompanying PRM passengers who have booked the journey as a passenger with reduced mobility (PRM).




    Do I need to pass temperature checks during my journey?

    Yes, you do. Once at the airport, temperature checks will take place at different checkpoints, including when arriving at your destination where temperature screening is mandatory.


    What are my cabin baggage limits?

    To respect social distancing and minimize physical contact, we recommend to limit the use of hand luggage whenever possible.

    If you have not included in your booking the Priority Boarding service, cabin baggage is restricted to one small handbag or briefcase only for each passenger in cabin (it can be up to 35 cm high x 20 cm wide x 20 cm deep and you need to be sure that it can be stored under the seat in front of you). If you want to check your suitcase (55 cm high x 40 cm wide x 20 cm deep) you will need to check the cabin-suitcase in the check-in counter free of charge before going to the boarding gate. Bags exceeding cabin restrictions will follow usual charges for checked bags. Only passengers with priority boarding can take the two items into the cabin. Priority boarding service will be indicated in your boarding pass under the acronym PBRD or PBRS.


    How can I follow the physical distancing procedures?

    We are providing our passengers with clearly visible information on safe distances through floor markings or signboards in all areas of the airport. We strongly recommend to limit contact with surfaces and people, you should maintain a safety distance of 1,5-2m whenever possible. Only make use of airport facilities and services when necessary. We've made hand sanitizer available in our airports and on aircraft. You are welcome to use it as required. We also encourage regular hand washing. In case you have any question or doubt, please do not hesitate to ask our staff and cabin crew.




    How about boarding procedures?

    To ensure the necessary social distancing when boarding, we will ask you to board the aircraft in groups in order to allow sufficient safe distances. We kindly ask you to remain in the lounge until your row number is called to board. Please carefully follow the instructions of our ground staff. To limit the contact please be sure to have your passport open and scan your boarding pass. Flights are therefore being handled at gate positions where possible. Where this is not possible, we've increased the number of buses, to ensure correct social distancing.




    Will be catering on board available?     

    In order to minimize the risk and to protect our passengers and staff, we have simplified the onboard services in our flights and in order to keep the cabin clean, we will not have brochures on board. Also remember to avoid touching surfaces and wear your mask at all times. According to the authorities’ recommendation we kindly ask you to please do not bring your own food on board. All those passengers who selected the catering option on line and cannot use the service, will automatically receive a refund.


    Can I use toilet service on board?

    We ask you to avoid queueing for the cabin toilet and kindly wait your turn at your seat. Please listen to cabin crew safety instructions and always try to follow health protocols and recommendations. During the day, disinfectant procedures are carried out on all cabin surfaces and in toilets.




    Do I have to follow a special procedure while disembarking?

    First of all, before landing, make sure to have facemask that you must always wear inside the terminal. The stage of disembarking from the aircraft must take place in an orderly manner, with a proper queue, maintaining an interpersonal distance. Please carefully follow the instructions of our cabin crew.


    Do I have go through security checkpoints at arrival?

    Upon your arrival at the airport, your body temperature will be checked with a thermoscanner. Make sure you have all health documents required at the country you are travelling to with you, which will be checked upon your arrival at the terminal.


    How can I collect my checked bag?

    If you need to collect your checked baggage, go to the baggage delivery belt indicated on the monitors always maintaining the interpersonal distance. In case of loss or damage to your luggage, contact immediately the Lost & Found office; do not leave the area before having filed the proper form.

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