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  • Why am I not able to use a discount coupon?

    If you obtain an error when you enter the number of the coupon code on the payment page, the problem could be due to one of the following circumstances:

    The period of validity of the discount coupon has expired. Please keep in mind that the period of validity is limited and that the conditions may vary depending on the type of discount coupon. Please consult the terms of use associated to your coupon in order to know the period of validity.

    The holder of the coupon is not one of the passengers of the booking. The name associated with the coupon should coincide exactly with the name of one of the passengers associated with the booking.

    The discount coupon has already been used once. The discount coupons can only be used once and any remaining amount cannot be recovered.

    If none of these factors is applicable to your problem, please contact our customer care support center.

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