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  • What is the policy for checked baggage?

    The regulations for Volotea with respect to checked baggage is the following:

    At Volotea we offer you two different bag sizes so you can choose the best one for your trip. Each passenger can check in bags or items with a weight of up to 20 kg or 25 kg for each one. The price may vary depending on your destination.

    When the item exceeds the contracted weight (and up to a maximum of 32 kg), each additional kilo is charged based on the rates indicated in the service fees table in the section “Excess baggage (+20 kg/passenger)”.

    Each passenger can check in a maximum of 50 kg of baggage, shared between up to 5 items or bags.

    Therefore, each bag has a weight limit of 20 kg or 25 kg, and may be overweight up to 32 kg (assuming the additional weight costs), as long as the total weight transported per passenger does not exceed 50 kg.

    If you wish to add a checked bag now, click here.

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