14/11/2016 Notícias

Volotea, among the top 10 most punctual low cost airlines in the world in October, according to FlightStats.com

The airline has a client recommendation level close to 90%


November, 14th, 2016 – Volotea, the airline of mid and smallsized European cities, is in the third spot of the most punctual low cost airlines in Europe for the second consecutive month, according to the monthly report of the independent agency FlightStats. In addition, Volotea is among the 10 most punctual low cost airlines in the world in October.

Volotea keeps on soaring heights. The company has been the third most punctual low cost airline in Europe during the past months of September and October, when more than 7.300 flights have been operated. In both months, the airline has operated its flights with an on-time performance rate close to 86%, according to the monthly statistics published by the independent consultancy FlightStats http://www.flightstats.com/company/monthly-performance-reports/airlines/.

In addition, in July to October period, Volotea also was in the top 10 of the most punctual low cost airlines in Europe.

In a global level, Volotea has been the eighth most punctual low cost airline worldwide in October, beating companies such as Virgin America or Transavia.

The airline has recorded a considerable increase in its operation in September and October, compared to the same period last year, carrying more than 680.000 passengers and increasing operated flights by 32%.

The company, which has incorporated four Airbus A319s this year and will count on 10 in its fleet next year, commands a punctuality rate in constant progression for this aircraft type, reaching levels close to 90% for August and September, both months with a high activity rhythm for the company. This demonstrates Volotea’s high engagement on offering its passengers constantly improved point to point service.

“The punctuality rates of the company, third in Europe for two consecutive months, proves the professionality and good job of all the Volotea employees, in addition to the company aim to offer every day a better service to our passengers”, has stated Carlos Muñoz, CEO and Founder of Volotea.

The airline has a client recommendation rate close to 90% and it is the fastest growing among large LCCs in Europe according to ASKs (Available seat kilometers), one of the main indicators of growth used by the aviation industry.

28 aircraft in 2017

In its sixth year of operation, Volotea keeps on growing: the Company, which had two bases in 2012 (Venice and Nantes), will count on nine bases next year: Venice, Nantes, Bordeaux, Palermo, Strasbourg, Asturias, Verona and Genoa, that will be launched in 2017.

Next year Volotea will operate flights to 79 cities in 16 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Israel, Albania, Moldavia, Portugal, Malta, the UK, Austria, Ireland and Luxembourg.

Volotea will add more than 40 new routes to the existing ones, reaching 240 - 250 routes next year, and expects to transport 4,4 million passengers in 2017.

Related to the fleet, Volotea will count on 28 aircraft next year. With the addition of 6 new Airbus A319s in 2017, the airline will have 10 Airbus A319s and 18 Boeing 717s. The company expects to become a 100% Airbus operator in the next few years. This strategic decision allows the company to increase its passenger capacity by 20%, from its current 125 seats to 150 seats on its new planes. Both models are recognized for their comfort and reliability, with Volotea offering reclining seats which are 5% wider than the average, with approximately 30 inches of separation between each row.

The range of the A319 also allows the company to operate routes with a longer distance and, therefore, to penetrate new markets. While the Boeing 717 has a range of 2.500km, the Airbus A319 reaches 3.500km. In addition, the punctuality rates of the A319 are in constant progression: in August, more than 80% of the flights operated with the A319 arrived on time, and in September the figures are close to 90%. As a result, client recommendation levels are close to 90%. In addition, Volotea is the fastest growing among large LCCs in Europe according to ASKs (Available seat kilometers), one of the main indicators for growth as used by the aviation industry.

The four Airbus that have joined the Company this year are based in Nantes, where one of the six new Airbuses A319s will also be based. Two of the six new aircraft will be based in Toulouse, and another three in Bordeaux. The first Airbus A319 of the 2017 line will join in January, while the rest of the aircraft will do so progressively during the first semester, until May.