travel with your family

Fly comfortably with your children, without your wallet taking a hit.


travel with your baby

Volotea has special fares for babes-in-arms. These are the fares for minors under the age of 2:

Call center
Website 49,99€
Call center 49,99€
Airport 49,99€
  • Fly with your baby when they are between 7 days and 23 months old.

    Babies fly in their mother's or father's lap. Volotea does not carry cribs on board. Babies under 7 days old may not fly for safety reasons.

  • Carry liquids for your baby with no volume limit

    The regulations regarding liquids do not apply to baby milk or juice.

  • Carry up to 2 articles of equipment for children free!

    You may bring two articles of equipment for children (per child): a baby stroller, a seat, or a folding carrier. More information.

  • Transport of a stroller/pushchair is free of charge

    Just remember to check in the stroller at the check-in desk. Once registered, you can take it with you as far as the departure gate, where our staff will collect it.

    At your destination, you can pick it up from the baggage reclaim area.


travel with your child

The sheer thrill of flying! If your little one is flying for the first time, let us know and we’ll congratulate them with a First Flight Certificate.

  • The correct documentation

    To be able to fly, children must show their documentation according to their country of origin and flight route:

  • Onboard entertainment: games, their favourite series and much more!

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    Book onboard entertainment

travelling when pregnant

If you are pregnant, Volotea allows you to travel up to week 36 of your pregnancy.

  • Without a medical certificate if you are between weeks 1 and 27.

    (Including week 27)

  • With a medical certificate if you are between weeks 28 and 35.

    (Both inclusive) An original medical consent must be carried that confirms the woman's fitness to fly, states the period of validity of the document and includes the registration number and signature of the doctor.

  • From week 36, Volotea will not allow you to fly.


large family

If you are travelling as a Large Family, remember that you must state this when booking and show the relevant documentation on the day of the flight:

  • Original certificate or attested copy

    Before boarding, you must show the original or an attested copy of the Large Family Certificate accrediting you as such, issued by the Autonomous Community.


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