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we’ve got the nicest prices out there

We promise that in you will find the lowest prices out there. guaranteed!

If you by any remote chance find a better price elsewhere for a Volotea flight, give us a heads-up and we’ll be happy to dig into such an unusual event!

To use the Best Price Guarantee, consult the Terms & Conditions below.

This is how it works:


Did you inconceivably find your flight 10€ cheaper elsewhere?

If during the following 24 hours to booking your flight in or Volotea app, you find a flight available to book online via another website that is at least 10€ cheaper for the same itinerary and with the same booking conditions, contact us.


Let us know where you made this rare find!

Fill in our contact form selecting the “Best price” option and including the web address where you found the offer. We recommend including a screenshot (“Print Screen” or “Prtsc key” or “Command Shift-4”), with the offer and booking system visible.


We will discount the price difference after your last flight.

We will verify that the lower price is available, complies with the Terms & Conditions and can be booked on another website. If it is, then the price difference will be discounted after the date of your last flight booked with Volotea.

Terms & Conditions

Find a lower fare on another website within 24 hours in order to be eligible for the Best Price deal:

  • Best Price is applicable only for flights booked with Volotea and not for any services on the ground (hotel, car rental, travel insurance or any other product or service other than flights) purchased through Volotea.
  • You must have already paid for your flight or flights in full by any means accepted on the website, whether by credit card, debit card or Paypal ("Purchased Fare").
  • Journeys that include flights with other airlines are not eligible.
  • You should have an unused ticket, which includes only flights sold by Volotea or Volotea operators.
  • Applies only to journeys quoted in Euros.
  • Applies only to advertised fares.
  • Applies only to the same route as quoted in the Purchased Fare including, and without limitation, the same flight, class of fare, type of booking, date of travel, and number of passengers.
  • The difference between the Purchased Fare and the third party fare, including booking fees and all taxes and applicable charges, must be equal to or more than €10.00.

Fares that are not included in this offer

  • Any fare that is not available in the public domain, among others, special fares for staff, group fares, wholesale fares or other offers or discounts that are not in the public domain
  • If the Purchased Fare or third party fare is part of a combined package with flights included.
  • If you have requested a refund or cancellation of any part of the journey or have made any subsequent changes to the Purchased Fare.
  • If Volotea, within reasonable means, cannot verify that the third party fare can be obtained via the Internet on the date of the claim

Verification process

  • The verification should be made within 24 hours of the purchase by presenting the Best Price Application Form together with a screenshot of the webpage with the price breakdown quoted by the third party provider. The verification is not permitted through any other Volotea telephone number. To verify your request, Volotea may ask to see this screenshot or printout. Volotea will verify the legitimacy of the screenshot independently and investigate, at its discretion, any claim that it deems to be the result of a printing or other type of error, or that has been made fraudulently or in bad faith. No incomplete or inadequately completed claim form will be accepted.
  • Volotea will verify that the third party fare fulfills all of the requirements established in the terms and conditions and will notify you as to its decision about the refund within 72 hours after the presentation of the claim form. Volotea will do everything in its power to ensure a refund within 15 business days from the date of notification, informing you of its decision to honor the refund.
  • At the time of making the claim, Volotea must be able to reasonably verify the eligibility of the lower fare from the third party website and that the fare is not available through
  • After the verification, the difference between the two fares will be refunded through the same method of payment as used when booking with Volotea.
  • Volotea reserves the right to cancel this promotion or change the Terms and Conditions at any moment and without prior notice.