Priority boarding


We know what matters to you. Be one of the first passengers to board and take all your hand luggage into the cabin. Remember that if you do not have priority boarding you'll need to check in your cabin bag (55x40x20 cm) free of charge at the check-in counter before heading to the boarding gate. Checking your hand luggage at the boarding gate has an additional cost of €50 per bag and journey.

  • What is priority boarding?

    It is a service that can be added to your booking, allowing you to be among the first to board and guaranteeing that your hand luggage will travel with you in the cabin (remember that your hand luggage must meet the requirements).

  • Add this service at any time

    You can add Priority Boarding to your booking at any time and up to 2 hours 30 minutes before your flight departs.

  • A free service for Megavolotea Plus members

    This service is also included in all your bookings if you’re a Megavolotea Plus member or if you select Combo Plus during the booking process. You can check the cost of this service in our fees table.