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The second largest Greek city in terms of size, one with a buzzing university community and a diverse flavourful cuisine, is a metropolis with an exotic feel. It has known many cultural influences along its millennia-old history, and it is filled with monuments, museums, tavernas, clubs, and bars. This is the ideal place for taking in the history of the region of Macedonia, with its Ancient Greek and Byzantine past. 

Whether you are planning a city break with friends, a cultural getaway, a shopping spree or you simply want to go out and enjoy the local food, Thessaloniki will not let you down. 

Stroll along the endless - and always lively - waterfront. At the end of it you will find the White Tower, the city’s landmark. The next very impressive site you’ll see is the monumental Aristotelous Square with its fine buildings and the little streets surrounding it, lined with shops, bars and restaurants. 

Make sure you also take a trip to the fort in the upper town [Ano Poli]. Enjoy the amazing view and visit the interesting Museum of Byzantine Culture and the Church of Hagia Sophia. When the sun goes down, head back to the waterfront as the location offers breathtaking sunset views over Mount Olympus. When dusk has fallen, it’s time for you to start exploring the sizzling nightlife of Thessaloniki. The Greeks call it “the city that never sleeps” and you will soon find out why. For dinner, take your pick among street food, traditional tavernas, and more sophisticated contemporary restaurants. After dinner, enjoy your drink and go dancing in the numerous clubs and bars of the area, you will no doubt find the one that suits your taste. 

It’s worth noting that all this is good value for money, as Thessaloniki is a city with a low cost of living.

Don’t miss out on visiting Halkidiki Peninsula, where you’ll find numerous lovely beaches along the captivating stretches of the Macedonian coast jutting into the Aegean Sea! It’s less than a 1-hour journey by car from the city centre to reach Asprovalta and Epanomi beaches and a max. 2-hour drive south to the beaches of Katerini (Pieria region). 

Thessaloniki is easy to reach with Volotea’s low-cost flights from several European locations. You can also fly from the city to some of the most enchanting Greek Islands, for a memorable conclusion to a perfect holiday.