Pet on board


We'd be delighted to have your dog or cat on board, travelling with you in the cabin!

Pet 8kg@3x.png
  • 10kg MAX. = Pet + cage

    Ensure that your pet, cage and accessories combined do not exceed 10kg in weight. Otherwise, your pet will not be allowed on board.

  • Dogs and cats welcome

    Permitted animals are small dogs and cats aged at least 8 weeks old. Other animals are not allowed.

Pet cage@3x.png
  • Cage measuring 50 x 40 x 20 cm MAX.

    Your pet must travel in an approved bag or cage that is not rigid.

Pet passport@3x.png
  • ID and health certificate

    You should carry with you the necessary documentation to transport your pet.

Pet owner@3x.png
  • 1 pet per passenger.

    Quota of 5 pets per flight. Consult availability.

Make sure you meet all of the requirements by carefully reviewing the Conditions of Carriage of Pets .

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