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  • Can I fly with my pet on board?

    Yes, you can bring a cat or dog on board (other pets are not permitted). Each passenger should bring no more than one pet, and only 5 pets are permitted on board the same flight.

    The pet should be transported in a bag or container that is not rigid measuring no more than 50 x 40 x 20 cm. The pet must be enclosed in the container from the boarding and during the entire flight, with holes for breathing and an impermeable base. Homemade containers are not allowed. To make the travel of your pet easier, we recommend the use of approved flexible bags. We remind you that you must store the pet carrier under the seat in front.

    The maximum weight of a dog or cat should be 10 kg, including the container and all the necessary accessories.

    The animal must be at least 8 weeks old and have all of its necessary vaccinations to be admitted on board. Remember that the animal should have its requisite identifying documents as well as a health certificate.

    You can purchase the pet transport service during the booking process or via the Manage your booking section. Once the maximum number of pets per flight has been reached, the online booking system no longer offers this service. 

    Because of national regulations, Volotea does not permit the transport of this type of animals in its flights to/from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Malta.

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