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  • What is Covid-19 coverage?

    It is a new coverage so you can fly confidently, included for free in all bookings made starting from 22 September 2020.


    In case you or any of your travel companions test positive in a COVID-19 PCR up to 14 days before the flight date, you can request a full refund of the ticket by sending us a positive PCR certificate.


    If you test positive at your destination, you can get a refund for the return flight (if you did not take the flight), after the date of the flight.


    We would also like to remind you that all our fares are now flexible and if you wish you can change your flight date at no extra cost (you will only have to pay the fare difference, if any).


    To request a refund, you must send us an official and approved certificate with the result of the test within 14 days before the departure date, using the following form, selecting as a reason Medical issue.

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