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  • How can I transport my bicycle?

    Volotea's regulations concerning the transportation of bicycles is as follows:

    In order to transport your bicycle on a Volotea flight, purchase the special baggage service and select the item sport equipment.

    The service can be purchased during the process of buying your tickets via the website, by calling our Customer Service or by going to the section Add baggage, at any time after your purchase and up to 2 hours before your flight departure.

    Remember that the maximum allowed weight for special baggage is 32 kg.

    Once you have added the service to your booking, you have to:

    Lower the seat.

    Tape the pedals down with adhesive tape.

    Remove the front wheel and attach it to the bicycle using adhesive tape.

    Place the handlebars such that they are aligned in the direction of the bicycle and tape them down with adhesive tape.

    Remove the air from the tires.

    Cover the most delicate parts of the bicycle such as the gears, pedals, etc. with protective plastic.

    Place cardboard on the areas that stick out.

    Wrap the bicycle in cardboard and plastic.

    The majority of airports in which we operate have special conveyor belts for dropping off and collecting this type of luggage. It may be that the measurements of your luggage mean that it does not fit onto the normal conveyor belt. If you have any questions, or would like to make sure that you comply with the requirements for the transport of special items, please get in contact with the airport staff, who will be happy to help you.

    Check the cost of the special equipment transport in the service fees table.

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