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  • What documentation do Albanian and Moldovan citizens traveling to Italy need?

    Albanian and Moldovan passengers traveling from Tirana or Chisinau to Italy must present at least one of the following combinations of documents:

    Option 1. For stays of more than 90 days: e-Passport and long-stay visa issued by the Italian Embassy.

    Option 2. e-Passport and a work residence permit for Italyor the receipt issued by the Italian Post offices (Poste Italiane) for the payment of the residence permit renewal fees.

    Option 3. e-Passport and return ticket (with any airlines) within 90 days. If on a tourism trip, they must also have a confirmed hotel reservation or, if staying with famil or friends, an official letter of invitation signed by the host, as well as sufficient financial means for the entire length of their trip (at least 100 euros per day) or a valid credit card, and a travel health insurance for the entire duration of their stay

    * For all non electronic passports visa is always required.

    For more information, visit the web site of the Italian Foreign Ministry

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