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  • In the event of force majeure, can I change my booking?

    Yes, in cases of force majeure such as those set out below, Volotea permits changes to the name of the passenger, the time and destination of the flight. This way, you don’t lose your money. However, if there is a difference between the fare for the new flights assigned and the original flights booked, the corresponding amount must be paid.

    As specified in point 4.5 of the Conditions of Carriage, the following situations are considered to be cases of force majeure:

    Surgical intervention: In the event that a first or second-degree blood relative requires a surgical intervention on the date of the flight, the passenger may request a change to the flight date.

    Death: In the event of the passenger’s death, his or her relatives may request the ticket to be refunded. In the event that the deceased person is a direct relative, a change of dates may be requested at no additional charge.

    In relation to the aforementioned cases, the passenger or their relatives (in the event of their death) should communicate this eventuality before the flight is due to depart, contacting our Customer Service Center.

    In order to provide evidence of the intervention or death, medical or death certificates will only be accepted within a period of 10 working days, counted from the date of the eventuality. The acceptance of these documents will be subject to Volotea’s evaluation. If the documents are accepted, a period of 12 months of will be established, from the purchase date of the ticket, in which to make the new journey assigned.

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