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  • What is the difference between the different types of seats?

    We have differentiated the types of seats based on their locations in the airplane, so each passenger can choose a type of seat depending on their needs.

    Premium Seats : These seats are for passengers who are looking for maximum comfort, they are located in rows with greater leg room (row 1 and emergency rows 15 and 16)

    Standard Seats : These are seats for passengers who want to be located in the front section of the airplane, so that they can disembark more rapidly. These seats are located between rows 3 and 6.

    Basic Seats : These are seats for passengers who are not looking for a specific location but who want to travel seated together with other passengers on the same booking.

    Did you know our seats are 5% wider than those of other comparable airlines? With Volotea you can enjoy more leg room, an assigned seat, a second carry-on, good music and airports that are always comfortable.

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